Companies are taking extreme steps in order to succeed at talent recruitment. Snapchat’s geo-filters for example enable poaching of talent from fellow startups. Notably it has also been used to deprive Uber of personnel. Some strategies have thus been etched out which if followed with proper procedure, can improve recruitment drives. While social media is a tried-and-tested source for recruitment, the channels for the same need to altered. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter already posses en number of firms fighting it out for limited number of people. Instead Levo or Muse could be ideal sources for millennial women. For the medical field it could be Doxima, while Stack Overflow will be for developers or programmers. Development of own talent pools is another good strategy as followed by Genesys to recruit from the USA, South Korea, Malaysia and even South America. In order to recruit millennials, their specific concerns will need to be addressed but in a funny manner. GE for example had long been associated with manufacturing and not ground-breaking innovations. Through the “what’s the matter with Owen” campaign, GE very intelligently addressed this challenge and got over it by connecting with younger people.


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