It used to be considered that great business leaders are those who manage employee expectations. This adage emerged at a time when jobs options were few and employers held all the cards. Carrots were not part of any training module but sticks were ever-present. Now the trend has changed with employees holding considerably greater power than at earlier times. Expectations are now manifold and they arise due to certain reasons intrinsic to modern business. Thus it is advisable to commit to realistic employee benefits. Grapevine from colleagues are constantly on the go these days due to the proliferation of social media. Such stories even travel from other organizations- related or not. In order to tackle such issues, organization must take key steps. The leaders must glean proper business intelligence about the audience before addressing them. This analysis must also consider the gap between expectation and reality as it is in this space that maximum dissatisfactions arose. The same holds true for both customers as well as employees so this gap has to be closed down.


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