An experienced HR professional has provided us with management consulting on the various challenges which occur during the recruitment process and how those same may be converted into opportunities. The first challenge is to scan resumes and online applications. Searching through keywords may not be a very comprehensive method, rather it provides us with candidates who are aware of those keywords. However, in today’s technology driven business environment this can prove to be an opportunity as this shows the candidate has a sound understanding of technology. Recruitment is still a bureaucratic process though changes are afoot thanks to digital interventions. Also recruitment is a slow process, and the consultant suggests recruiters take a leaf out of matchmaking agencies which are quicker at finding life partners. Besides sports franchises, most organizations are extremely risk averse but newer and leaner business models stress on greater flexibility in terms of job profiles allocated. Job descriptions are good at identifying people with the right skill sets but cannot gauge whether the candidate will be a right cultural fit at the place. But the way organizations work nowadays, it’s difficult to pin any organization’s culture and thus better to keep open view to recruitments.

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