Designing an organizational culture is a lot about what is feasible and quite a bit about how it is executed from the very top. A management consulting publication has provided us with certain stellar examples where organizations have fostered excellent company culture. Better-Works from California works with the motto of ‘hire for sparkle’ and thus their entire recruitment and appraisal policy is built around rewarding employees for the zest and vigour they bring to the job. FlexJobs based in Colorado has a virtual office space called Sococo and company message board called Yammer which helps the remote working process. Team-Snap also from Colorado goes by the maxim of trusting employees and treating them well in order to promote company culture. Atlanta based Mail-Chimp have a system by which employees’ corporate training is well taken care of and they can plan ahead to their respective careers. Hub-Spot from Massachusetts meanwhile has a culture whereby employee happiness is gauged and changes implemented accordingly.

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