Marketing is the one field that has seen maximum change. This has created new roles that every organization must cater to. The first of these is digital marketing. Analysis has revealed that organic searches using this field are far more successful than paid ones. Then there is content marketing. The market has evolved to an extent that content now needs to be customized for separate segments. Also ‘channel appropriate’ content has to be selected. Business analytics can be used to provide pinpointed analysis on the reach of different content pieces. This analytics can best be understood and used for business decision making by marketing science. Stories are created and then visualized to provide customer with attractive content to associate with respective brands. This kind of a scientist can even be called a segmentation analyst. Marketing is not just an outbound activity of reaching but also has inbound credentials. That is why customer engagement specialist is another role essential at present. Lot of effort is made to attract new customers, but retaining or engaging existing ones can solve a major portion of revenue targets.


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