It is common in talent recruitment to fail due to extremely good first impressions generated by a candidate who then fails to back up the talk through his / her work. This trap can be offset by certain techniques. The interviewer must not focus on traits but instead on behaviours. So if someone claims to be a team player, the interviewer must make sure the candidate backs up this claim by referring to others while discussing achievements or successes. The candidate must also have the ability or patience to be able to listen to others and not just beat the drum about oneself. Such a person will be able to self reflect and improve situations. The interview must give hints to the candidate’s ability to manage conflicts. Such a person avoids grouping people into one word traits and looks at any situation from a holistic perspective. An experienced recruiter will be able to spot non-verbal cues that are turn-offs. This includes traits such as geocentricism, lack of empathy and a craving for power.


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