The CEO of Frontier Communications –Maggie WIlderotter- has explained us some key learnings from her career in the IT industry. It was in this industry that she picked up traits such as multi-tasking and agility at work. These qualities proved essential to her position at Cable Data. This was followed by stints at McCaw Cellular, Cellular One and AT&T. The latter’s brand name was so strong that even before it actually launched its wireless division, people felt their wireless connection was derived from AT&T. Next she joined Wink as its head but the biggest challenge in that job was the competition from Microsoft, a genuine giant. Wink was losing a lot of projects due to Microsoft’s influence so the business innovation that Ms. WIlderotter applied was to collaborate as a partner with the rival. Years later, when Wink was sold off, she joined Microsoft as one of its top bosses. She believes strongly in having a diverse mix of people at the workplace and boardrooms, herself sitting in several of them such as HP, Cosctco, Chobani Yogurt and DreamWorks.


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