With business patterns changing, and several challenges being faced, companies are involving freelancers or specialists to fulfill several roles. Agile talent provides them with the speed, cost efficiency and flexibility. Research anchored by Accenture states that over the next decade or so, barely half the workforce will involve full-time staff in markets such as Western Europe, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. Thus corporate training has started acclimatizing to this scenario. Technology enabled peer based learning is now replacing the earlier method of an expert guiding juniors. JOLT for example is a platform that allows professionals to share their learning with the peer group while executing all of this in substantially less time. On a related concept, team- based sessions are replacing ad-hoc groups. This enables the fostering of string collaborative ties within an organization. Investment for such sessions has moved on from only being for full-time staff, with agile talent also now included so they feel part of the bigger group. Training opportunities are now being seen as developmental and not to rectify any skill deficiency. That is why lots of professionals are opting for Executive MBAs or MOOCs based courses. Some of the training sessions even involve customers so their concerns may be directly addressed by the providers.



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