Ten people have been identified who have actually led to globalization of the world. No discussion on globalization can begun without eulogizing on the efforts of Genghis Khan who ruled over much of Eurasia but also created great infrastructure including roads, governance systems and communication channels. The Silk Road was opened up and made safe from bandits. The next person on the list chronologically is Mayer Amschel Rothschild who was a great banker during the age of global finance. He built a great network of banking with the help of his five sons who each settled in London, Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt and Naples respectively. The next three names in it are Andy Grove, Elon Musk and Margaret Thatcher. In many ways Thatcher transformed the world around her but a lot of her disruptions proved to be negative. Elong Musk’s business innovations could power the world of tomorrow. Two individuals whose contributions ought to be acknowledged are Cyrus Field and John Monnet. The former laid the first transatlantic telegraph and the latter brought Europe together after World War Two. Deng Xiaopeng’s great contribution was in opening up China and thus initiating the process of bring the east and west closer once again.



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