Five key trends have been collated which will certainly influence the working of human resources and talent management in the year 2017. Due to the flourishing gig economy, the very definition of the workplace will be under duress. This creates unique challenges in recruitment, performance tracking and regulatory compliances. Due to the influx of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the employee experience will get more personalized. Corporate training methods will develop in order to engage high talent individual employees in their conditioned manner. Real time analysis will now be available due to live feedback and data driven analytics. So HR managers can pinpoint organizational needs and individual performances using wide variety of metrics. HR will also get highly data driven where granular data can be processed for appraisal processes. The concept of wellbeing is being driven by the fact that a large portion of the millennial workforce does wish to work for only money but unique experiences. They want to contribute to a better world. An irreversible momentum has developed driving transformation around HR.



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