As per the US News and World Report (USNWR) rankings, the best rated hospitals in the country are Mayo and Cleveland Clinic. The common factor between these two is that both are run from the very top by physicians themselves and not specialist business professionals. Such general trend can be observed across the industry of the best hospitals being run by doctors. The concept of domain expert leaders is not limited to the healthcare sector but across fields such as universities being led by academicians or sports teams by ex players. The biggest benefit that doctors bring to the table is peer-based credibility. This helps in talent recruitment as the best of fellow doctors wish to associate knowing that the one at the top has gone through the ropes. It also brings credibility with other stake holders such as patients, donors and the pharmaceutical industry. Physicians also foster better innovative an atmosphere. The medical profession by very definition is about individual excellence as opposed to the group dynamics demanded of business leadership. This can be rectified through specific management training as is being provided by the likes of healthcare institutions such as Yale Medicine, Virginia Mason and Hartford Healthcare, or business schools such as Wharton, Harvard and Weatherhead.



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