In spite of the plethora of digital marketing channels now available, email continues to be most popular and effective of the lot. Email began back in 1971, and since then several newer forms have threatened to kill them off, yet they grow stronger annually. It is estimated that by the end of this decade, the global email user population would be just short the three billion. As per marketing research conducted by Hub Spot, once emails land, a staggering 98% of receivers go through the content. Also, according to Marketing Sherpa, three-fifths of users want marketing communication to be sent regularly by email rather than social media or other such channels. Emails help brands communicate with customers, educate online visitors on products, grow audience and helps build strong relationships with final users. The biggest benefit emails provide over social media or other means is the ownership of data. Subscribers have specially approved of receiving data unlike Twitter or Facebook followers, or those searching for the brand on Google.


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