A common fallacy befalling several organizations worldwide is a latent disconnect between their corporate strategy and its actual execution. A book written explores this fallacy and suggests ways companies have rectified this gap. Unfortunately at a lot of places strategy and execution teams are remote. The strategy team in such places has limited hands-on exposure. It is the task of functional leaders then to close the gap. The former have little idea about the capabilities that are required within the organization to execute such tasks. However, some companies that have bridged the gap such as IKEA have done so because the company founders and top executives had a knack for the real world. It wasn’t just about designing the wonderful furniture, but about actually scaling the entire supply chain to bring it to people’s homes. The idea was simple furniture without any brand innovations, but the execution was terrific. Apple on the other hand is renowned for its innovations and designs. It is little known that during the product development stage of its innovative products, a fashion designer was always near the development lab. The principles of Six Sigma are there to assist people so they must be used in rectifying this seminal strategy- execution divide.



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