In a lot of organizations whose work revolves around ideating and then executing business innovations, star performers have almost unlimited a hold over the group. However, they are also a fragile group because they cannot be pressurized much as they have great career mobility options. This is true for consultancies and firms dealing with business or scientific research alike. Their compensation or incentives are transferable. In such cases, mobilizing collaboration becomes all the more difficult, but some pointers have been recognized to help in the same. First of all, the conflicts must be taken up carefully. An environment must be created where individual genius is subordinated to group goals as multiple inputs from diverse backgrounds are needed. For this collaboration costs must be kept down so the researchers are well-incentivized to do so using tools such as Dropbox or Skype. Also, the method of benefits to be shared must be made smooth so that researchers do not need to wait for the final payoff to arrive. As a lot of these star researchers will be very much number-oriented, it is always advisable to confront them with numbers of firm’s own. Competition often brings out the best in individuals so its principle must be applied to researchers in the similar vein as numbers motivate sales personnel.



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