Former US President Theodore Roosevelt was, what one may remark as a lifelong learner. It was believed that he used to average a book a day, and this habit helped him through all complicated discourses such as debates on nature conservation, trust regulation and expansion of the navy. In order to be a lifelong learner, it is important to clearly define the targets to be achieved. One might want to continue learning simply out of an interest, or because it is important for career growth. Realistic goals must be set up. Long term targets may be logged in a planner while daily ones may be tracked using the app Momentum. Also, community based learning helps spur competition so either formal education or informal group discussions must be periodically held. Modern day multi tasking forced due to technological and lifestyle changes can be extremely harmful to concentrating for deep learning. Thus they may be ditched though at some level, they are even useful for supplementing learning. That is why several organizations are now leveraging MOOCs to conduct their corporate training programmes as it allows enough flexibility, while employee may learn from the very best at a remote location.


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