Thirty five business leaders from different sectors have shared habits that they go through on daily basis. The CEO of MOGUL holds back-to-back meetings at the same location. The founder of Ad-Greetz reads voraciously. Another keeps modifying his to-do lists. While one unsubscribe mercilessly, another indulges in blocking time on calendar to prioritize certain tasks. The CEO of GP-Shopper is very conscious of his passions, so makes sure they are met. Limiting email time, spending an hour outdoors, use of technology for Personal Relationship Management and focusing on any two to three things are some of the other habits noted. The CEO of has confirmed that he spends some time everyday prioritizing employee objectives because he feels it’s a crucial part of talent management. The founders of Boll & Branch make sure to have a family dinner. Another is extremely particular to reach home on time. Other popular habits include daily exercise, reading up to thirty unsolved customer support tickets, checking KPIs and constantly ask the “whys”. A CEO revels in being unpredictable. Another ensures some unscheduled time may be spared each day for thinking and writing. The CEO of Better Works believes in the power of positivity. One does a daily to-do list. Another believes in talking to the people concerned. The CEO of Whittl prepares budgets based on outcomes expected instead of functions. The CEO of Zest Finance though is a firm believer in coaching as an effective means of corporate training. The CEO of Caldera constantly monitors competition. To round of the list, other habits noted are constantly walking, tracking relevant industry news first in the morning, adjust one’s perspective, preparation of a daily top three list, making sure that the inbox reflects zero unread by end of day, sourcing direct reports, executing the plans made, ensure consistency and keeping a short to-do list. Finally, the CEO of Appcara always takes some time off to reflect.


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