Date : 14th Apr 2012

Seminar on “Cancer Awareness” :Cancer_awarenessLocation: Skyline Business School- Hauz Khas Campus
Speaker: Dr. Deepak Rautray, Senior Consultant, Surgical Oncology- Cipla

Dr. Rautray began his talk by providing a brief history of the terrible disease- cancer. He said that the earliest recorded instance of cancer occurred in Egypt in 1600 B.C. It was a form of breast cancer. He then gave some technical inputs on the types of cancers possible:

• Benign Cancer: cancer cells are contained in any one part of the body
• Malignant Cancer: cancer spread out all over the body

The speaker then went on to describe that cancer is abnormal & uncontrolled multiplication of cells. There are internal as well as external factors which may cause cancer. Dr. Rautray then advised the students against smoking, alcohol & unhealthy diet. Students wanted to know what were the usual symptoms of cancer which may be detected at an early stage. So the speaker explained them the symptoms as follows:

• Persistent cough
• Abnormal bleeding
• Persistent ulcer
• Unexplained fever
• Unexplained weight loss

Early identification of cancer increases chances of cure. Unsuitable food is responsible for 70% of cancer occurrences. The speaker also cleared some misconceptions among students by informing them that cancer is not contiguous.


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Compiled by– Aritro Dasgupta (with assistance from Atul Kumar, BBA L1 S2)

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