Date : 11th Sep 2012


IMAG0112 Location: Business School, New Delhi.


Speaker: Charneeta Kaur, NIFT, Faculty at Pearl Fashion Institute


On 11th September 2012, the students of L1S1 batch attended a seminar on the topic “FASHION MANAGEMENT”, Delivered by Ms.


Through her session, the speaker. threw light on the various fashion trends prevailing and changing day to day and the technology and patterns used to update the same. She covered the topics like Language of fashion, fashion requires imitation, fashion is innovative, fashion is art, fashion is a dimension of time, etc.


Concepts included :

  • FASHION REQUIRES IMITATION- knock off/ mass fashion
  • FASHION IS INNOVATIVE- planned ‘obsolescence’
    • no ultimate design
    • there is always a next season
  • FASHION IS ART- designers apply artistic colors, lines, etc.
  • Fashion is a dimension of time and a function of time. Also, fashion is a big business.
  • LANGUAGE OF FASHION- high fashion
    • pret-a-porter
    • knock off
  • DEFINITION- The acceptance and purchase by consumers of artistically designed apparel and accessories that are mass produced and marketed by fashion industry in a timely fashion.


This seminar was very influential and interactive. All the students attended the seminar and their feedback was very positive. It was very interesting for girls especially since they are the one’s mostly interested in keeping themselves up-to-date with the current fashion, but boys were equally active during the seminar. There were also suggestions from the students to arrange for similar seminars.

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Compiled by – Ms. Priyanka Lall, student of MBA L1S1

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