Date : 26th Sep 2012

Speaker: Mr. Ashok Advani

Topic: “Listening Skills”

Venue: Skyline Business School, Delhi Campus



Mr. Ashok Advani began his lecture with a very apt quotation- “The ear of the leader must be with the voices o the people”. He paced his entire lecture around the primary concern of listening & its importance. He explained that effective communication takes place not just when the message is transmitted but when the message is received. Listening involves 5 major steps:

  • Sensing
  • Interpreting
  • Evaluating
  • Remembering
  • Responding

Students now wanted to know the answer to the fundamental question of how to improve listening skills so that the data heard can be retained. Mr. Advani then told the students that there were steps to achieve the same which included- paying attention, patience, evaluating, responding & interpreting. One must speak les & listen more. Concentration must be devoted to 1 stream of action at 1 time. Eye contact with the speaker is essential.

The speaker then took forward the concept of better listening to the corporate world & explained how the same can actually be helpful in raising employee morale & customer satisfaction. It helps further when the listener does not take things too emotionally. Mr. Advani finally ended the Talk by giving an acronym for listening which is as follows:
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Compiled by – Mr. Aritro Dasgupta (with assistance of Ms. Stephanie Wuttke, L1 S1)

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