India’s top 10 e-commerce Apps

Market research conducted has provided us with a list of best performing e-commerce apps in India. On The list starts with cab provider- Meru. Online shoppers- Shopclues and Jabong- are next up. International giant Uber known for its business innovation is ranked seventh on the list just short of rival Ola. Paytm comes fifth. Retail giants Snapdeal and Amazon come close to the top. Myntra finishes runner up. Right on top is Flipkart which has revolutionized the market with its online retail services.

4 Key Principles every Social Media Marketer should Understand

Social media is at present of critical value to digital marketing. Thus certain principles must be taken into account for every such campaign involving social media. Content marketing can only be based around sound blogging. Friends, fans and followers are necessary to push the organization’s product / service. In order to gain more shares or likes, informative content must be shared across social media channels. Eventually, traffic is generated and loyalty cemented by ensuring an active presence on public forums and social media.

25 Key B2B Content Marketing Stats

Market research conducted has provided us with some insights and key statistics on business to business content marketing. Brand awareness is most important outcome for more than 80% of industrial marketers. About two-thirds more leads generate when organizations have productive blogs. Inbound marketing saves an average of US$ 14 per customer as opposed to outbound methodology. In fact organic search leads are converted on average one every seven. Content marketing meanwhile enables a six times higher conversion rate. Nearly three-fourths of marketers polled feel than online content gives better results than buying up of ad space in print media.

World Changing Travel & Tourism Project Unveiled

In a recent convention, sustainable tourism got a latest dose of boost thanks to plans by the European Union. Sustainability is now no longer a case of a certain small group that is demanding but of much more mass appeal. In fact newer types of tourism jobs are emerging as a result of such initiatives. The project is titled Sun Ark destination tourism, where certain regions will be earmarked for special status to ensure protection.

The 13 Tools you need to Build a Content Marketing Machine

A management consulting publication has provided us with a list of tools which we must use while developing content to market. ProofHub is one such platform which allows one to allot tasks, determine time tables and maintain budget. The content creation and editorial process can be streamlined using Kapost. allows us to curate content to align with overall corporate strategy. Social media mentions can be tracked using Storify. For blogging purposes, top freelancers can be sourced using Contently. Curata CCS allows the user to share stories based on relevant requirements. Content Marketer allows the marketers to connect with social influencers who can further generate positive word of mouth publicity. Buffer allows sharing of stories across platforms to followers. The distribution of content can be automated using PixxFly. Specifically for enhancing Twitter followers, Narrow is an ideal tool. provides us with analytics regarding our performances. SumAll brings all that data at one place, breaking it down to enable proper business analysis. Raven Tools helps the marketer benchmark the organization against competitors or industry norms.

Why Ethics trumps Regulation in Creating a Healthy Corporate Culture

Regulations refer to rules which have been handed down from the top while ethics are individual choices. In the long run, organizations which value ethics over regulation, prove successful in developing a corporate culture. This culture is actually fostered from the very top and must be enshrined in the corporate strategy document itself. Also that needs to be followed up by ensuring this continues at all times across branches even when top management is not present to routinely instill such values. Occasionally this culture will lead to a loosening of volumes. But in the long run, the outcomes will be positive.

How do you Celebrate your Heroes

Armies often commemorate war veterans’ contributions by creating a scrapbook dedicated to their achievements. In similar vein, modern organizations can acknowledge their star performers by creating a scrapbook dedicated to key achievements on monthly basis. This will incentivize top performers beyond just the financial part. Business research has proved that knowledge workers are far more likely to be motivated by carrots involving pride or prestige rather than money alone. This will also help unassuming, shy personalities critical for the organization’s engine room to get noticed by all.

6 Benefits of Partnering with a Recruitment Consultancy

A number of organizations choose to do their recruitment by themselves while others partner with consultants. The latter provides certain advantages over the former. These consultants have a strong network of job seekers. They also possess in depth industry knowledge as they have conducted their own business analysis on the same. They even possess competencies to map candidates and identify right fit choices. This process saves internal time and money for the firm. The recruitment agency ends up being a partner for important decision making and thus third party views get heard. They align the entire recruitment process with overall corporate strategy. 

True Digital Organizations put People First

With digitization becoming ubiquitous, business models are changing to some degrees. Talent management is now more important than ever, as professionals have greater scope leading to higher attrition levels for knowledge workers. Thus the true digitized firms are putting greatest emphasis on their existent human capital. Thus controls are being relaxed for qualified professionals across organizations that are embracing the new norms. Spotify is one such example of a modern organization that has succeeded in spite of or possibly because of possessing a very loose hierarchical structure.

Amazon’s Workplace woes, & leading customer- centric Cultures

While Amazon is a global giant famed for its cutting edge business innovation, it is commonly cited as being among the worst places to work due to unreasonable pressures. Also the human motives seem to be missing completely, with employees on medical problems being totally uncared for. The work culture of any organization is built when employees are encouraged to express themselves freely without any overt fear of hierarchy. Employees then take responsibility and change gets implemented smoothly.

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