How Senior Executives find time to be Creative

As per business research conducted by IBM, the one attribute that CEOs are most looking forward to in their workforce is creativity. In order to remain ahead of their competitors, every organization needs to rely on some sort of innovation. The top executives themselves need to find out time for creativity within their busy schedule. For that it is essential that they seek unfamiliarity and not be fazed by the same. They must look for newer surroundings, people or environments even as then people get pushed. Senior executives must also get feedback from different sources. Different people have different perspectives so understanding their needs increases one’s grasp over market requirements. The person must get some sort of private space. Being constantly surrounded by others is not conducive to fostering creativity. Constraints will always prove to be challenges in businesses but it is how to deal with such adversity and rising to them that develops the truly top professional.



A Data- driven approach to Group Creativity

Companies invest a lot of time and effort to design the best teams for leadership development, team building and talent recruitment but no such scientific efforts are made to develop top notch teams to execute business innovation. The latter is a specialized ability and very few professionals possess qualities to see them through. Some tests are available to gauge this ability and such personality types once assessed have on average during studies proved to be ninety five times more profitable. Divergent thinking, empathy and emotional stability are three character traits such people must possess. Data can be used to gauge these qualities. Google has derived data from its Project Aristotle to identify innovators within their ranks.



A Cognitive trick for solving problems Creatively

Problem solvers usually think laterally. They think step-by-step and their trouble shooting credentials are established with past experiences. However, being overtly dependent on experience to solve problems often leads to failures in business innovation. An example can be taken from mythology where the Greek warriors had for almost a decade been fighting to seize the city of Troy but to no avail. They were on the verge of giving up when Odysseus thought differently and devised the method of the Trojan horse. While this method involved trickery, it did the task which conventional thinkers weren’t able to achieve. The human brain is functioned to be predictive but problems can easily be addressed if the problem itself is reinvented.



How to be radically open- Minded

While we all claim to be open-minded at the workplace, many of that presumption falls flat when radical new ideas are presented by others. In today’s world where disruptors can overnight destroy markets of existing giants, it is essential to develop a radical open-mindedness. Some steps have been suggested to execute the same. Employees must never be satisfied with the existing status quo but keep challenging the same. Problem solving must take place collectively so that group expertise can be pooled in together. Also, the team must reflect diversity in terms of gender and demographics as such an environment best fosters business innovation. We must never be bogged down by pre-conditioned theorems but keep on challenging such assumptions.



Why Smart People Copy Great Ideas



Customer Support Is Part Of A Complete Business Strategy Source:


The Empowering Language of Creativity

Creativity is a continuous process in business. It is never a one-time solution. Also creativity may never be realized truly until the organization can manage to engage its employees year round. In order to encourage employees in this regard, it is essential to reward those who have shown sparks of creativity even if their ideas never reached fruition due to other technicalities. Business innovation must be part of meetings. Ideally, an ideas lab must be introduced in companies where employees can express their ideas on ways to improve aspects of work. This will stimulate a sense of internal crowd-sourcing where ideas generated by individuals will multiply due to contributions by several members in the team organization wide.


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