Teams who share personal stories are more Effective

Teams working in professional environments are expected to behave in restrained manner while leaving aside personal matters. However, business research undertaken by professors from Harvard Business School and Georgetown University have found out that contrary to such perception, it is teams that discuss personal matters that fare better at work. People tend to share organizational information with others who they trust and this can happen best if personal issues have been discussed. Team leaders can leverage this trait by openly discussing positive traits of team members during meetings. In this way, different members of the team will not hesitate to provide their best insights in fields where they have unique set of skills or knowledge.



How to put the right amount of pressure on your Team

Experts often lament about excessive stress being harmful for the health of professionals. While that may be true, several professionals are also in the know that stress translates into positive results if activated in the right way. Responses to dealing with stress or pressure at the workplace are different for varying sets of people. And thus it is an art and not a science as to how much pressure to be applied. Increase in frequency and focus of corporate training may be an effective way the management can mitigate the negative impacts of stress. The individual must be explained that his / her stress is nothing unnatural but a natural consequence encountered by many. Frequent feedback must be provided, preferably positive. The problem can be broken down into bits so that individual parts may be resolved first. Also the problem must be tackled structurally. Most importantly, a sense of confidence needs to be modeled within the employees concerned.



The acceleration factor


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