10 Effective Promotion Designs from Successful Ecommerce Brands

Behind every successful ecommerce business, usually there is an effective promotional design which brings in new leads and higher sales. Effective promotions enhance website experience, increases visitor engagement and give better sales results.

What makes overlay promotional design effective? Incorporating the right design elements in overlay promotions is the key to making them effective as some design elements yield better results than others. In this article, Grant uses “show and tell” format to present some of these design elements through 10 excellent examples of well designed overlay promotions.

You will get an opportunity to see great overlay promotions by brands like SoleRebels, Bandolier, Drop Bottle, Renovator Store, Horseland, Sol Angeles, MuscleEgg, Flow, Mustela and The Poster List using design elements like display ideas, short call to action, two field form to collect information, image building, encouraging subscription to mailing list, engaging new customers, displaying value clearly, contests, darkening of the overlay background, educational content, new product updates and clearance sale.

I recommend that you do not miss this opportunity to learn how to make your overlay promotions effective and your ecommerce marketing strategy a resounding success.

Top 10 Marketing Trends you need to Know

Business research conducted has provided us with certain trends marketers must keep track of. Data enables proper business analysis and thus it is critical to the way marketing is now undertaken. Social media is key part of digital marketing. Video mode engages audiences quickly. Marketing is veering increasingly towards the mobile and online platforms. Sponsored content is being produced in house by publishers. Social influencers are now being gauged to attract youngsters. Increasingly firms are implementing ad blocking software. Technology is getting linked to marketing but there is still some untapped potential. Programmatic ads are instead being the focus of publishers and marketers. Peer based reviews’ generation ahs now ballooned to be a full-fledged industry.

Using Social Media listening to enhance your Online Marketing Strategies

A novel method that has emerged to boost up digital marketing is the application of social media listening. One must create community of followers, fans and advocates. Consumer behaviours must be tracked to develop or design better products keeping buyer personas in mind. The corporate social media page must be maintained with utmost dedication. A level of flexibility is required in operations. Of course, finally the product must be improved to best suit target audience. This can best be followed up using social media as the tool enables instant and interactive feedback.


Transforming Social Media complaints into Opportunities

Due to the increased presence of social media in digital marketing, it has been observed that customers are more freely voicing their gripes. While addressing so much may prove to be a huge challenge, this can also turn out to be an opportunity. Social media can help companies monitor its feedback better and take corrective action. Customer service personnel may then be trained accordingly. Feedback can be gauged instantly and organization can learn through customer experiences.

How Internet of Things changes Marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is truly revolutionizing the way digital marketing is conducted these days. The power of location tracking is being used by beacons. These are wireless devices which track mobile phones within the location and deliver specific personalized content based on buyer behaviour. As per market research conducted by Adobe, about a third of marketers in the USA will be using such devices in the year 2015. Three new media vistas are now being used. They include connected digital signage, wearables and connected Point-of-Sale terminals. Target is one of the biggest retail chains already fully utilizing the power of IoT. 

11 Unbreakable Laws of Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the bedrock behind digital marketing and thus some maxims have been framed for the sound execution of the same. Before any posting on social media, due diligence must be paid. Social media may be a virtual field, but the people concerned are real. It is imperative to listen to what others especially customers have to say about our brand. Due interaction must be done with customers before adequate response. Also the right post must be made at the right social media platform. The option to follow people must only be selectively used up for the right personalities. The content to be delivered must be as good as possible. The social media marketer must be hands-on and deliver content as per correct timing. Also there is no need to go head on with aggression, rather a calmer approach suits all stakeholders concerned. Content delivered must be consistent across timelines and social media channels. Finally, it is important to listen to what influencers have to say as they can gauge substantial audience figures.

What does an emotional connection with your Customers look Like

Digital marketing has a lot to do with connecting with the emotions of the target audience. Thus it becomes imperative to form strong bonds with emotional customers. As per business research conducted by CEB, there exist three kinds of emotional customers. Type 1 are those who are regular buyers of the brand irrespective of the price tag. Type 2 are those who need not be buyers, yet remain associated the brand by either joining loyalty programmes or participating in customer surveys. Finally type 3 are those who not only purchase the brand’s products but are also vocal about it and influence the buying behaviours of their friends and relatives. 

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