A number of firms have emerged as leaders on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram, promoting than brand more aggressively than ever before. However, these firms ought not to be exceptions, but rather the norm, as others must also tap into digital marketing techniques. This can even massively improve customer servicing. For example, airlines can prompt passengers regarding flight delays before they reach the airports. Or pharmaceutical firms can preempt customer needs by offering vaccines before diseases reach epidemic levels. These trends can be easily tracked on social media. In fact market research conducted by CEB, tells us that around 57% of pre-purchase study is conducted by customer before meeting the first salesperson. It is at that stage of the buying process that marketers must find a place. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is one such tool launched to keep track of all social media updates helpful for the firm’s business analysis. Sales professionals need to be able to match customers’ involvement with social media.

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