The top corporate e-learning trends expected for the year 2017 have been identified. First of all micro learning libraries will develop to facilitate management training exercises. Such trainings will also get personalized as specific trainee based data will be available and analyzed using algorithm. Executive coaching or mentoring which was seen earlier as requiring heavy human interaction, has also now been made possible on online learning platforms. Knowledge retention in particular improves here as key skills got constantly reinforced. Gamification continues to be used in a large way, now with serious games being developed for such purposes. Due to the peer competition, a sense of intrinsic motivation is generated out of it. Due to the concept of design thinking, a more responsive interface has been put in place a lot of such platforms. One of the biggest gains of e-learning in 2017 will be the collaborative nature that it lays emphasis on. Group activities, discussion forums and social learning are facilitated through this. A lot of real world activities can also be simulated here making e-learning an ideal teaching tool for Executive MBA programmes. Such training ensures that stress or ambiguities reduce during the actual work. Finally, webinars have also proven to be a very powerful tool. Training boot-camps can be organized. In these the trainees can focus on single ideas and thus avoid cognitive overload.


Uploaded Date:19/06/2017

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