The overall equity or value of a brand is extremely difficult to measure. Though marketing research giants such as IPSOS and Millward Brown have come up with some indices to measure the same, it is ultimately an extremely complicated calculation based on several separate parameters. That is where the former head of Advertising Research Foundation, Joel Rubinson tells is that it is the sum total of valuable experience that matters most. And here marketing techniques play a big role. Millennials do not care for product attributes alone but the total value of experiences shared. Thus a Facebook or Netflix or Starbucks have great brand value. Even retail chains score well at that. But the challenge exists for consumer goods items with short shelf life to remain relevant. In order to build connectivity, perhaps some emotional tags need to be created somewhere. That is where Unilever’s Dove created their Sketches campaign which worked wonders. Digital marketing is creating storylines, citizen- generated content, and mobile applications that are boosting up learning potential of users.


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