The world of talent management is getting a major shakeup as far from being a support field, it is now considered amongst the most important aspects of HR management. Netflix and Zappos are two of the newer organizations which are setting benchmarks in the field. A lot of other organizations though seem mired in traditional models in a similar way as Henry Ford once spoke about the Model T car that could be bought in nay color by customers as long as it was black. An advisory has suggested a few HR models which can be experimented with at various workplaces. The JIT model works best with volatile businesses involving digitally enabled teams including IT professionals, facilities experts and the actual executives. The professional services model seeks to eliminate the presence of silos within firms. The talent segmented model segregates employees as per needs dividing on the basis of markets, generations, work patterns or other means. The crowd-sourced model as the name suggests uses social media to engage crowd-sourced performance reviews, onboard each another, recruit new people and execute transactions. The lean HR model seeks to reduce duplications to the minimum by having a core team of only few specialists along with a support team consisting of planners and analysts. Finally, the federated model uses a decentralized style where various functions are divided across the organization

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