A student’s final course grade will be determined by consideration of the following factors:


  1. Attendance: 75% attendance is compulsory for all courses. This facilitates interaction with the instructor and fellow students as the highest level of learning is achieved by this method. Students who do not have the requisite 75% attendance in each paper are barred from the final examination of that unit.

  2. Reading: Every student is expected to have thoroughly read and reviewed all reading assignments from the required text or other reference material.

  3. Discussion: Students must participate in regular classroom discussions as concepts are cleared and fresh perspectives are formed.

  4. Testing and Writing Projects: Students will complete online tests for online courses and case studies for offline courses.

  5. Assignments: Students complete group and individual assignments for the course. Group projects inculcate team spirit.

  6. Seminars: Students are expected to attend maximum number of seminars by guest faculty, weekly quizzes, as well as seminars conducted outside where SKYLINE students are sent.


Attendance in external seminars leads to bonus points. All of these methods help students in maximising their learning, particularly as they are able to see direct linkages between theory and practice

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