Intrapreneurship is the activity of creating something new while acting as an entrepreneur, but within the broad aegis of a company. It is necessary to forge business innovations. Such intrapreneurship can lead to a new department or section to be created, while at times, a wholesale new subsidiary could spin off. Gmail from Google’s stables and the concept of the “like” button on Facebook, both emerged out of such tinkering. It is all about value- creation, though it need not be small in scale. Contrary to the usual opinion, intrapreneurship isn’t associated solely with startups. Intrapreneurs face less risk, as they are not starting anything right from scratch, nor are they utilizing their own money. In order to introduce intrapreneurship to one’s company, one may start off with a hackathon. An Idea Fair is another such good idea. Two more would be the “Innovation Time”, like at Google and the Sandbox Fund.


Uploaded Date:26 February 2019

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