A school of thought has existed long in Europe, but now spreading out known as service design. This challenges the notion that product design needs greater care, insisting that so do services. Three key philosophies are embedded into this idea, beginning with what the seller wants in accordance with the company’s core philosophy and subsequent corporate strategy. It is a proactive, not reactive strategy involving choices, actions and subsequent consequences. The overall aim is to ensure consistency in delivery. Experiences shape the way the companies involved take the decisions. Some elements have been identified that help in ensuring customer delight. They involve an empathy towards the customer, understanding their emotions, matching their expectations, elegance in offering and constant customer engagement. The execution needs to be neat, must make economic sense for all concerned, the service must be engineered to meet solutions, with constant experimentation at the heart of all decisions. Service design does not consider surprise as a great strategy, instead just wants to delight the customers. An important tenet is that the service design and its delivery must be consistent across all the platforms. The chain must involve anticipation, creation, innovation and finally iteration.


Uploaded Date:14 February 2018

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