Cohesion is a constant endeavour among team leaders which they try to achieve through formal corporate training programmes. However, beyond team leaders, many thinkers believe that cohesions ought also to be pursued by enterprise leaders. Thus, a study was conducted across industries such as retail, energy, food and beverage, healthcare and financial services to gauge this aspect. It has been understood that there are four major domains which relate to team capability and performance. Those are- structure, processes, results and dynamics. For forging cohesion, business leaders need to navigate past some key polarities. They need to find a balance between risk versus results, external versus internal pull and top-down and bottom-up business innovation. These tensions need to be embraced as the right balance brings out improved productivity. Whatever tensions exist between these polarities, must be brought out in the open and discussed freely. Fostering innovation is the task of individual teams, so they must be held accountable for the same. Ultimately all decisions need to be taken keeping the customer at the front and centre.


Uploaded Date:21 October 2017

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