In the present digital age, business innovation is no longer a matter of creativity alone, but a basic survival tool. This is due to the constant changes against which traditional models are being unable to cope up with. Data is playing a massive role as its analysis is revealing granular bits of information to benchmark performances. While stimulating an agile innovation culture, options need to be assessed against the scope of employees’ current capabilities to absorb. The firm’s culture needs to be likewise aligned accordingly. A diagnosis on this needs to be conducted prior to actual start. The data spoken of needs to be carefully analyzed using business analytics as measurement is essential. The index may be termed as Organization Growth Indicator (OGI) to come up with the proper forecasts. This OGI creates new value and enables agile adaption to change. In addition to such quantitative number crunching, a qualitative assessment must take place side-on.


Uploaded Date: 13th May 2017

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