There exist several myths surrounding the big data platforms. One of them is that if all the data sources are streamlined together, the most accurate of business insights may be procured. But this isn’t necessarily true, as several data sources just can’t be streamlined together due to the diverse policies, security requirements and related restrictions. Another myth is that with data all at one place, one can focus most on the business analytics. Instead, data needs to be stored on catalogue basis. The third myth is that industry technologies need to be used up. But more than the kind of technology, an agile structure is needed. People also believe in hoarding data, as more will apparently help us answer an increasing number of questions. In reality, it is about the quality of data and the tools being used, and not the extent of inputs available. The final myth is that there aren’t enough of data scientists to perform the tasks necessary for the analysis and intelligence gathering processes. Truth be said, more of capabilities need to be utilized by the data- driven solutions providers.


Uploaded Date:24 October 2019

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