Business analytics has now become so essential to every team, that data analysts are in high demand all over. A ‘full- stack’ data scientist is an elusive target for recruiters, with all seeking someone, expert simultaneously at statistics, analytics and machine learning. On the other hand, those who merely provide solutions on business intelligence or data mining have now been relegated to the periphery. However, what all need to realize is that the three sciences mentioned under the data scientist’s capability are all different to each other in substantial ways. Excellence in statistics requires rigor. Performance is the key to machine learning. For acing analytics, speed is of the essence. There is the major clause of depth versus width when it comes to pitching for all these, or looking for individual specialists. Analytics is thus needed for decision making and running AI, so there exist mass dangers of under- appreciating their adherents- the analysts.


Uploaded Date:23 December 2019

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