We are operating in a globalized world, and businesses likewise need to adapt accordingly. There is a recurrent theme emerging from different organizations about the need to provide corporate training sessions to its employees for understanding cross-cultural nuances. This is a central theme in the new book written by Stanford professor Scotty McLennan titled Global Business: Unspoken Rules of the Game. He speaks about how cultural factors vary from one country to another, even amongst seemingly similar cultures. In Mexico for example, guided by Catholic values, family and professional life are not to be separated. So, to attain business success in the country, one needs to start off by creating familial warmth with the partners. In the USA on the other hand, dominated by Protestant beliefs, personal and professional lives are to be totally divorced with a strict adherence towards timelines and schedules. What might appear as nepotism to outsiders in China, is actually an extension of the Confucian principles which dictate that family unity must be above all else. Ideas of Zen Buddhism are increasingly making their way into the oft ruthless world of business.


Uploaded Date:13 September 2018

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