Till date, 2017 has proven to be the year of greatest philanthropic activity. Indeed, buy some accounts, we are living in the Age of the CEO Statesmen. Some companies have in particular been identified that have streamlined the bottom line around humane or societal values. One such is Pepsi which has made the move towards products that are healthier and more environmentally sustainable. The curated the “Water for the Planet” campaign in partnership with The Nature Conservancy to help replenish freshwater sources in Latin America. Pepsi’s Food for Good programme, mobilized its employees to leverage their food distribution capabilities to help thousands stranded during the Hurricane Harvey. Another such socially conscious corporate is Wal-Mart whose Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative was a talent management move aimed at improving growth trajectories for women at the organization. The much smaller company Coyuchi started a subscription programme where customers could exchange their old linens for newer ones, thus reducing fabric wastage. Square Roots aims to provide more nutritional food at city centres. Tech giant IBM, in collaboration with Italian NGO INTERSOS has created a mobile app to help aid workers and doctors access medical data specifically at refugee camps.


Uploaded Date:30 November 2017

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