The success of digitally-driven companies has usually been attributed to their innovative use of the business models, customer experience and technology. Yet, one aspect oft-ignored, though equally crucial is their next-gen operating models. This is not restricted to digital natives, but even industrial firms such as ING which have taken advantage of well-structured operating models. A study by management consulting firm McKinsey clearly demonstrates how fleet-footed digital natives always have an advantage in this sphere. But this gap may well be closed by incumbents who act fast this challenge faced. For established companies, the challenge lies in the top management being convinced about this new threat and plunging headlong to solve this. The first thing the most enterprising of these incumbents strive to achieve is better customer listening and experience tracking. This provides them authentic business intelligence to take more informed decisions. The technology to be used needs to be tested against the operational model through testing and continuous learning.


Uploaded Date:12 March 2018

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