After the relative failures of the last two tournaments, France won the 2018 Football World Cup in style. A detailed interview with the head coach Didier Deschamps and some other senior members of the backroom staff, certain important trends emerged to quantify the success. These five measures observed are not only applicable to football or sport in general, but indeed also to the world of business. The first one is to measure and quantify success which is not merely through profits. The French football club Olympique Lyonnais for example supplied three members to the winning squad, and is known for its exceptional talent recruitment right from the grassroots as any organization should aspire to. Another trait is to leave the comfort zone behind as several French players did early on, venturing abroad and explore new horizons. A third dimension that emerged was that somehow the management must aspire to keep up the intrinsic motivation levels high. This approach is in stark contrast to arch-rivals England where external riches act as motivators. In spite of some early hiccups and past failures, France stuck to its philosophy. Instead of directly copying the style of recent champions Germany or Spain, France developed their own. Similarly, companies would be well-advised to devise their own corporate strategy with scope for rapid iterations, but a belief in the philosophy. Another areas French football excels in, is discovering talent.


Uploaded Date:13 September 2018

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