Asia may be one continent the entire world could look at for any chances of an economic recovery post the present economic crisis induced by the pandemic. The performance and value of corporate Asia could determine the global scenario. Asia for the most part, is still developing, though not least developed. One aspect about business in Asia that has been observed is that the continent’s corporates have added scale, but underperformed in regards to profits. One unintended aspect is that Asian companies are allocating more capital on value- destroying sectors than other parts of the world are. When it comes to individual companies, Asia has its different levels. Those at the super star level tend to perform better in finance than their global peers. They however, underperform in the consumer- centric or in knowledge- intensive sectors. There are solid performers in the capital goods and domestic services, but there is also a long list of underperformers. Resilience is one aspect where Asian companies are strong at. Business intelligence collated points out to an economic profit of between four- hundred and forty billion to six- hundred and twenty billion dollars over the next few years.


Uploaded Date:09 June 2020

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