A common trend highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that younger people are now more prone towards anxiety related disorders or depression than ever before. So, a study was conducted on college students in the UK, USA and Canada over a period of time stretching from 1989 till 2016 to gauge the truth behind this. The Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale was applied. Three kinds of perfectionism were tested, them being self-oriented, socially prescribed, and other-oriented forms. It was found out that indeed, students of the present generation are far more anxious and prone to phobias, depression and even suicidal thoughts. This business intelligence has been shared by the researchers of the Psychological Bulletin with universities, schools and employers. As a first tip, students must not consider failure as a synonym of weakness. Procrastination must be avoided at all costs, so work done is better than striving to achieve perfection. Beyond perfection, there are healthier goals to strive for such as diligence, perseverance and flexibility.


Uploaded Date:17 May 2018

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