Social and technological forces are conspiring in a way to commit massive changes to the way work is done these days. Changes are also afoot at people performing the tasks and where they are getting executed. Business leaders are trying to understand these changes so that they may be better prepared to face the future workplace. To better understand this, Deloitte partnered up with marketing research agency Wiki Strat. Five major aspects were understood where changes are afoot, with two more such categories added later on. First of all, organization that will do well, will no longer grow in a linear fashion, but exponentially. Innovation will no longer be a one-time game-changer, but something that is to be a continuous process. Thus innovation will need to take place within the confines of a regulated business ecosystem. Due to digitization, consumers are no far more aware of the actual happenings, so companies will need to be ethical in their dealings and transparent about transactions. Talent management will really become tricky as millennials will dominate the workforce. They do not like getting tied down to rigid structures so will need to be given adequate freedom for the digital transformation to truly take place. The organization structure will need to be agile, so that such transformations can take place without major upheavals.


Uploaded Date:17 March 2018

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