Most professionals have now gotten extremely used to the concept of matrix organizations. Now, there is a need to look beyond, at the so- called helix organizations. It is not exactly a news idea, having been around for decades, especially with business consulting and professional services firms. But now, the idea has gained traction, and popularity. It has been understood that such firms manage to best integrate the functional, channel, product and geographic units at large companies. The optimal balance between flexibility and stability may be arrived at. The two major areas at work in helix structures are the capabilities management and the value- creation management. The former deals with how work gets done, while the latter decides which work attains priority. To make this a reality, a talent market place needs to be curated. The resource planning process must be effective and transparent. Clear lines of accountability need be established. Across the roles, performance management needs to get balanced.


Uploaded Date:06 January 2020

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