Lies have been used as negotiation tactics from the very beginning. Sometimes people recognize the lies that others use. Most often though, people are unable to decipher the same. Over years of evolution, human beings have realized that the costs of getting it wrong may lead to social ostracism, so most choose to simply believe in others’ truth. Business research was conducted by professors from different universities to understand this. To this effect, the representatives from the universities of UC Berkeley and Minnesota even penned a paper titled Can ordinary people detect deception after all?They realized that a lot of verbal cues that respondents depended on for the detection were in fact incorrect. Another study by professors from various Australian universities confirmed that most evaluated the others on the dimensions of identity, integrity, benevolence and deterrence. While definitely, telling lies is not advocated, but often one’s own truthfulness can be misinterpreted as simplicity, making the other lie on purpose.


Uploaded Date:09 August 2018

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