The term Impact Economy got introduced in the year 2007. A thriving impact economy will help boost global growth while also solving several environmental and social issues. Impact fund managers have done well for themselves, but often at the detriment of the original vision it was set up for. Now things are bound to improved, thanks to researchers developing better methods to track the business intelligence related to such investments. If it succeeds, a greater pie of the total investments would trickle down to social initiatives, as driven by the customers themselves. This will involve a wider range of industry players as well. In order for this kind of an economy to fully take root, some key developments would need to take place. Public policies need to be created that will provide incentives. A broad commitment needs to be reinforced involving fund managers, social entrepreneurs and the intermediaries. Finally, an industry body too must be created to look in to it.


Uploaded Date:08 June 2019

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