There is a lot of talk on AI implementation but few companies are actually executing all this discussion. A study anchored by Forbes Insights reveals that 90% of company executives have stated their intents in AI adoption, but a mere 25% have actually put AI into use. A reason for this gap between strategy and actual implementation is the naysayers present at each level who claim that AI is all hype and little substance. To put the AI strategies at work, companies need to build a talent pipeline fitted with the right people executing it. Data warehousing is another key task, as most legacy companies are left with a lot of obsolete data management systems. This includes data governance, data cleaning and the alignment between different systems. The last problem typically crops up at times of mergers or acquisitions. A lot of companies are outsourcing their AI strategy to external agencies. This is good in the short to medium term as costs get reduced, and one gets expert analysis. Yet, in the long run, companies must develop their internal capabilities by streaming their talent recruitment efforts in that direction. AI and data experts need to be hired. It can be done now, as it is never too late.


Uploaded Date:27 September 2018

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