En number of books have been written and are constantly being written about talent management concepts such as employee engagement, mindfulness at work or building trust. In spite of such literature, these aspects barely seem to be showing any upsurge. This is proven each year by Gallup’s damning statistics where barely thirty percent of the US workforce seems to be positively engaged. One book that has never gone out of fashion or impact is The Leadership Challenge which was published back in 1983. Its effect is so strong simply because it speaks about sharing in the gains with the key stakeholders. A simple message, yet highly effective as put in by a CEO. A recent follow-up study to test this hypothesis was done on experts working in the fields of leadership development and corporate training. The first thing unanimously agreed upon was top priority be put towards developing a company culture. A SLAM model may be put in place to develop this involving- social connection, leadership excellence, aligned culture and meaningful life. A give and take maxim needs to be followed here so that employees are treated just as customers would be. Recruitment must be focused towards service-oriented personnel. All kinds of questions posed to employees, need be reframed to include a “to you”, as that will change the context completely. Finally, companies must put their best foot forward in ensuring diversity at the workplace. This allows a greater set of ideas to permeate in and innovations thrive.


Uploaded Date:17 March 2018

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