The digital age calls for agile organizations. After much observation, it has been deduced that this kind of agile transformation works best through a series of pilot programmes. To get such programmes off the ground, companies must first identify a fighting unit. Their number has ideally been pegged at one hundred-and fifty, divided into cells of seven to twelve people in each. This number has emerged from a study known as Dunbar’s Number. While corporate strategy still has its place of importance, agile systems work best when these are not rigid, set-in-stone. Instead, the must be continuously evolving to absorb emergent ideas or firefight ongoing challenges. Nothing beats testing-and-learning. This principle is why in the first-place pilots get launched. The experimentation may be within a controlled group, so flaws may get rectified before they go public. Management training programmes need to be simulated so that prototypes may be put to the test.


Uploaded Date:17 March 2018

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