Businesses have constantly changed over the years, primarily driven by technology. But the pace of change in the last few years has been exceptional. EY is one such which has constantly braved the storms and emerged with new ideas of its own. Due to the company’s presence in over 150 odd countries across more than 170 years, it was able to disrupt from within. There are times when the technology will make the first move followed by the corporate culture as has happened in the field of talent recruitment where so many companies are now preferring the gig workers. EY has itself created a platform called Gig Now to somehow increase its present ratio of part-time/freelance workers from a mere six percent to five times the figure. But to prepare for the future, solid groundwork needs to be done now. Companies must invest on corporate training programmes that will fix the culture at the company to take advantage of future technological innovations.


Uploaded Date:15 September 2018

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