The concept of Return on Experience (RoX) has gained substantial ground off late. It has now expanded to ROX3, which includes the three related experiences of leadership, employee and customers. The LX or Leadership Experience needs to focus on the corporate strategy. This entails earning employee commitment, and honing a company- wide work culture. Some key behaviours need to be linked between the brand, and the strategy followed. The EX or Employee Experience is all about earning loyalty by projecting a superior customer trajectory. While the LX is directed from the leaders to the employees, via a strategy for talent management, EX is flows from employees to customers. The third one is Customer Experience, also CX. This relation is transactional in nature, with rapid responses sought, that will power ad hoc tests and research. It is insight- driven and flows back from the customers to the formal leaders. It allows the company to think ahead vis-à-vis its competitors.


Uploaded Date:11 March 2020

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