Sceptics often point out digital age terms such as holocracy and agile management as fads which do not seem to solve any organizational issues or enhance productivity. Yet on further introspection, it appears that ultimately all organizational people based innovations revolve around two broad maxims- clarity and collaboration. Holocracy for instance was first used by Zappos before they themselves replicated five-hundred such concentric circles of six to eight members. This substantially improves the company’s talent management and retention standards to eventually improve productivity. Spotify has implemented a unique model of management training where they have “player-coaches” in each squad who is in charge of the team’s training and coaching. Spotify has also started “fail walls” which are walls on which the teams’ failures and success stories will all be set out for all to see. This increases collaboration and transparency. Agile management has taken off from centres of excellence and business process reengineering as was used earlier. There is already talk of futuristic people management techniques such as use of blockchain and flash organizations. All these terminologies have their uses if applied in the right spirit.


Uploaded Date:09 January 2018

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